We accept the bookings via email/phone or through our website www.yourtripguy.com. The person who is getting registered for the bookings must be 18 years old or above and should hold the legal authority for the same. If an individual is making the bookings on behalf of someone, all the individuals registered, are bound to be engaged by all the terms and conditions mentioned in the section of the selling agreement. An individual will receive a confirmation invoice as soon as the booking is made. The participants are requested to check all the documents sent by the company and if there is a change or a query, then the company should be notified. The information you provide us must include full name, age, nationality, gender and your mobile number as written in your identity proof such as Passport, Aadhar card, Voter’s ID and Driving license. Make sure PAN CARD will not consider it to be a legal document.

In case of bookings made by paying a partial amount, an individual is expected to make the balance payment at least 15 days prior to the departure date (w.r.t. to the published itinerary of the trip & batch booked). In case of not fulfilling the payment commitment before the due date mentioned in the invoice issued, the company has the rights to amend/ cancel the booking of those particular individuals. Refunds shall follow according to the company’s refund policy terms.

i. One shall get the selected hotel at the time of their bookings. In case of nonavailability of that particular hotel or any concern or dispute from the hotel, you might be shifted to another hotel of the same category without any prior notice as applied while booking.

ii. Package rates are subjected to change without any prior notice. During any national holidays, festive period or extended weekends etc., a surcharge might be levied by the hotel, which is paid directly by the guest called ‘Direct Payment Basis’.

iii. The company shall not be responsible for any delay, improper service, airline, transport, hotel, injury, death, loss or damage which is caused by the act or default of the management or the employees of any hotel, guides, instructors
who are our independent contractors.

iv. A Brief itinerary will be provided at the time of partial payment, and a detailed itinerary will be provided after the completion of balanced payment.

v. We reserve the right to modify the itinerary due to various circumstances like weather, natural calamities, maintenance of monuments, museums or religious festivals etc.

vi. Any damage cost during their accommodation stay shall bare by the participant only. An individual is not allowed to share or let anyone else stay under the accommodation registered under his name.

Cancellation by Participants.
i. A prior notice of 15 days shall be provided by the participants in the event of cancellation. Refunds shall not be provided within 15 days of departure.

ii. The application will be reviewed within 5 business days after receiving the application of cancellation.

iii. The refund amount shall be calculated on the basis of the net amount paid for the booking with respect to the base price.

iv. The seats booked in any transportation like Volvo, train or flight shall be cancelled because the seats booked in such medium are not transferable.
a) Cancellation up to 20 days prior to departure date – 15% deduction.
b) Cancellation within 15 days prior to departure date – 50% deduction.
c) Cancellation of the bookings in less than 15 days – NO REFUND.

v. In the event of change of participant written notice shall be provided from the original participants acknowledging the change and agreement of all nonrefundable items listed above. All relevant information along with proper documentation shall be provided by the new participant.

vi. A Refund shall not be provided in case of drop out by the participant in the middle of the event. The company will charge for the unplanned expenses by the participant after withdrawing his/her participation with us.

Cancellation by yourTRIPguy.

i. The company reserves the right to make changes or cancellations to your bookings. The timings of transport and carriers shown on our website are for reference only and can be subjected to change. The final itinerary and tickets will be provided closer to the departure date.

ii. Weather conditions like landslides, road situation and unavoidable accident in the field of adventure activities are beyond our control.
Unavoidable accident includes riots, threat of war, civil disturbances, terrorist threat, industrial dispute, nuclear disaster, fire epidemics, acts of god, health risk, and technical problem with transports for reason beyond our controls, congested airports, hailstorms or any similar events. We have every right to change the itinerary or departure dates in such conditions. 

In case of change or cancellations we will provide you with either:
a) Replacement of event of similar standard and price.
b) Full refund shall be provided in cancellation of any event.
c) No refund shall be provided under unavoidable circumstances.

In case of commitment of any illegal activities or in disciplinary behavior, threatening or abusive, unnecessary inconvenience damage to property danger distress or upset, annoyance to others, the company is liable to terminate your travel arrangement further.

The notice of the leader would be final in reference to any form of intoxication, alcohol, drugs, weed or hash as it is completely banned on expeditions and can ask the participant to discontinue further. In such cases the company would not be responsible for the cost you incur further. No refund shall be provided for the same.

Negotiation shall be made between the parties in agreement, in case of dispute and differences of whatsoever kind. Indian laws shall govern any legal proceedings in reference to any differences and disputes arising out of the agreement.

Laws and customs shall defer to those we are used to. It comes under your responsibility to respect local laws and customs and even ensure that they are not offended. All damages should be paid by the participants in any of such cases.

Your information given to us shall be used for your better experience but in case of any safety arrangement, we might forward your details to the related authority. You may be featured in the pictures we click, videos, during our expeditions unless you specify is not to. We encourage you to share the pictures or videos that you have created with us.

The eligibility criteria of the expedition shall be read and signed by the participant. Participants must meet the criteria of fitness and experience fully. The participant shall be refused at any stage by our volunteers if he/she is not meeting any of the criteria. In case of road journey or travel, any indiscipline regarding safety or risky riding by the participant shall force our volunteer to suspend the participants ride. In case of any damage or loss of the equipment issued to the participant, the participant is liable to compensate.

Minors aged between 10-17 years should accompany their parent or guardian to accept their full responsibility. Participants must tell us the truth about their health related issues, yourTRIPguy would not be responsible for anything that happens to the participant undergoing any physical or mental treatment.

Verification of the documents with the appropriate embassy is the sole responsibility of the participant. We are not responsible for any failed costs or fines being incurred. Safety measures are adopted by the company, in case of any activity that is not safe to conduct, undertaking of the same becomes the responsibility of the participant. The participant is responsible for any injury occurred in performing any of the activity listed on our itinerary. Support in arrangement of medical transport and first aid shall be provided by the company. However, the expenses are to be bared by the participant only.

Death of any participant is not the responsibility of the company. Safety measures should be thoroughly investigated by all the participants before conducting any life-threatening activities.