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A journey so magical that makes you never want to come home. Makes you want to escape from all your troubles and live like no tomorrow. Exploring the unknown and walking away with stories of a lifetime.

You dream, We’ll deliver…!!

Why seek for a monotonous itinerary taking you to mainstream destinations and offering activities you have experienced a thousand time before when there is so much to discover.

We customise your travel plans as per your need. We are not your travel guides, rather we are your friends together on an adventure because, we believe in doing things together.

Our promise to you is not covering 15 locations in 5 days but, a million memories and some friends for a lifetime.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Himalay Patel

Website Developer

Developer • Programmer • Digital Marketer
Meet the Team

Shruti Patel

IT Support

Peace • Believer • Technical
Meet the Team

Vini Gandhi


Designer • Graphics • Dreamer
Meet the Team

Paneri Sanghavi


Artist • Designer • Illustrator
Meet the Team

Lovely Sachdeva

Tour Guide

Health • Fitness • Yoga
Meet the Team

Dhrumil Patel

Tour Guide

Photographer • Traveler • Model
Meet the Team

Kandarp Yogi


Sportsman • Traveler • Tour Operator